The Eastside District is known for an array of savory restaurants dotting the Milpas corridor where neighbors meet to share meals, conversation, and the latest news of the neighborhood.

For some, this is a way to get onto the freeway or access to the beach, but for those willing to slow down, it is home to some of the most beautiful Spanish-style architecture and historic buildings such as the Santa Barbara Junior High. Children can be seen walking back and forth from their homes and school along the sidewalks. The Marjorie Luke Theatre and Santa Barbara High School are both landmarks that add to the beauty of our neighborhood beautifully situated against the backdrop of the majestic hills.

The famous Santa Barbara Bowl is situated on North Milpas Street where concerts and films take place from April to October. Authentic Mexican restaurants, grocery stores, and various establishments serve families living in the adjoining neighborhoods and draw patrons from other neighborhoods throughout the city. Tree-lined streets keep a canopy of shade over the sidewalk and street during hot summers.